Nytt fra sportslig leder – U11-U13 + HFO/Camp



This year’s HFO is going well, with over 100 participants attending afterschool up to five days per week. Players and families appreciate the ability to choose which days to attend each week, giving them the chance to organize their other priorities without feeling locked in to a specific day. Every day, Tomasz Rostkowski puts together a variety of skill and game sessions to develop each player, and  we have our other top club trainers, including Malin Kristensen, Sebastian Ågren, Wiktor Andersson and Thomas Pettersen providing their own unique skill development programs. U21 players Milla and Jeppe also join regularly and share their experiences with the children. And Thursdays is a special day, with Daniel Vatne sharing his expertise in Skating Technique training for those who choose it. We are currently considering other special offerings. If you are not already enrolled in HFO, you can try a day for free: please contact David Laszlo, HFO Ansvarlig.

Starting in December, we will offer Goalie-Specific HFO on Mondays with Fredrik Meling!

HFO Schedule:

Mondays – Individual Skill Training and Gameplay with Tomasz, Sebastian, and David

Tuesdays – Individual Skill Training: Our Younger Group is with Daniel and Wiktor, while the Older Players are working with Tomasz, David and Sebastian.

Wednesdays is currently our busiest days. Both groups do station-based training and game play, with Thomas and Malin taking the lead with the younger group. Milla joins us from the U21 team

Thursdays – Daniel offers a Skating Technique Training for all interested. Wiktor and David usually assist. On the other ice, Tomasz and Sebba work on goal scoring and gameplay.

Fridays is our Games Day, with Malin and Thomas using a variety of skill and hockey-like games, while Tomasz and Sebba lead the older players in full ice competition.

Depending on his GET-Ligue schedule, Jeppe Meyer joins us on Tuesdays and Thursdays, providing added motivation for all our players.


U11, U12, and U13:

Both the Krets Series and Tournaments are well under way, with many exciting games every weekend. During trainings, like the younger groups, we are experimenting with sharing ice and trainers across all three age groups on Mondays, providing a training environment even more focused on individualized player and game sense development. Each age group has also enjoyed the additions of Eskil Knutsen and Fredrik Meling to the coaching staffs, each giving the players and goalies special attention throughout the trainings.


Both our Summer and Fall Camps have enjoyed record-breaking participation. Several of our women’s Teams’ players stepped up as Assistant Trainers, providing all-day support for our campers on and off the ice. We are already preparing our Winter Camp offering, so please keep an eye on our website for more information.

Med vennlig hilsen

David Laszlo

Sportslig leder U11-U13, Ansvarlig HFO og Camper