Strength and Conditioning


Material: Mat

This workout consists of 12 different exercises that are put into 6 supersets. This means that 2 exercises are seen as one “block” and will be performed back to back. The first 3 supersets are focusing on strength, while the last 3 supersets are focusing on conditioning.

In the strength part, each exercise will be performed for a certain amount of reps (or time) and each superset will be done two times. In the conditioning part, each exercise will be performed for 20 seconds and each superset will also be done two times before moving on to the next.

For example: After finishing A1 you will go straight into A2, then you will have 30 seconds of rest. After that you will repeat A1 and A2 before moving on to B. 

Note: The first video (“WarmUp”) includes a quick warm up. You can start with that or you can also do your own warm up.


A1) Squats 3-0-0 → 10 reps

A2) Push ups → 10 reps or just as many as you can do

Squats and Push Up Video

B1) Split Squats 3-0-0 → 5 reps per leg

B2) Plank → 30 sec

Split Squats and Plank Video

C1) Lateral Lunges → 5 reps per leg

C2) Side Plank → 30 sec (1. time one side, 2. time other side)

Lateral Lunges and Side Plank Video


A1) Squat Jumps

A2) Quick Feet

Squat Jumps and Quick Feet Video

B1) Split Squat Jumps

B2) Lateral Shuffles

Split Squat Jumps and Lateral Shuffles Video

C1) Jumping Jacks

C2) High Knees 

Jumping Jacks and High Knees