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IHK Stavanger presents the 2018-19 Camp Series:
3 interconnected camps designed to progress individual skills and team play through the season.

Each Camp will be staffed with high-level instructors from within the Stavanger Hockey community, as well as Guest Coaches specifically selected to bring a fresh and innovation perspective to our trainings.

The Camps are themed to augment team trainings within a specific part of the season and will always include the key fundamental skills of the game:
– Skating — the foundation of the game
– Puck-handling — controlling the puck in open areas and tight spaces, alone, with teammates, and against opponents
– Shooting — being able to shoot using a variety of methods and putting yourself in the right position to score
– Game Play/Game Sense — understanding what you see on the ice and being able to read, anticipate, and make decisions to each moment and as each moment changes.

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